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USB2.0 birth has seven or eight years time, data transmission has not been a breakthrough 60MB / s speed. And to USB, HDD Represented Removable Storage Medium capacity, a few years has risen from the initial tens of MB to hundreds of GB or even 1TB in size, a high-definition copies of movies easily take several hours. USB3.0 sight, USB2.0 is clearly a tasteless, aigo (Patriot) USBPLUS the creation of interface standards, data loud to break the bottleneck, not only with perfect compatibility, more than 6 times the speed upgrade. Currently, the world has more than 60 million units of various brands Notebook Equipped with USBPLUS interfaces. No doubt, by the national enterprises aigo (Patriot) established new standards have been International IT Giant shadow over one after another.

Moore's Law tells us that each dollar can buy computer performance will double every 18 months to turn over. In personal computers, Digital Products and even household appliances, etc. in the field, this is true. However, mobile data storage, it has no alternative but to failure: the currently used USB2.0 interface technology, transmission speed of 480Mbps, already unable to meet the high demand for communications and computer peripherals. The USB3.0 sight; have more speed SATA but inherent, it is only a single data interface, use the power supply line to support additional, very embarrassing. Early last year's CES show in the United States, aigo (Patriot) has launched a new USBPLUS ports and standards, from a technical point of view, which combines high-speed eSATA2.0 (3Gbps) and low-speed USB2.0 (480Mbps) in one , which has the full compatibility and high-speed transmission capacity.

Patriot Electronic Person in charge of science and technology R & D: "Patriot USBPLUS interface technology contains a total of more than 20 patents, of which two invention patents and utility model patents, is the world's leading mobile storage interface technology. USBPLUS appearance, along with SSD move Hard disk Popularity, it will be possible to bring great changes in IT industry. USBPLUS able to meet the SSD is the only high-speed, bus-powered interface, the two requirements is key to the popularity SSD. Only through it, customers can get speeds up to 200MB / s or 300MB / s for mobile storage. Patriot with a unique virtual platform technology, Patriot has been operating environment the user can do cross-migration of the hardware platform as a whole, the application had brought. High-speed storage devices to the feasibility of various applications has increased significantly.

Short time more than a year, USBPLUS port has been more and more appear on the new laptop. Zhong Guan Cun, a brand notebooks Sell Business excited, said: "USBPLUS port is equipped with, is one of our products selling point to attract a lot of customer attention. To some extent, the features of the port has become an important consideration for many customers to buy one of the elements. "Undoubtedly, aigo (Patriot) is USBPLUS is successful, it is to perfect a new technology standard to solve the present stage on the global mobile data transfer delay, more significant is that, with independent patent and intellectual property rights aigo (Patriotic persons) USBPLUS patented technology, close to the "Made in China" label is becoming a global industry standard, to be more and more overseas with IT giant shadow, adopted.

In the IT industry has always been Europe and the United States and other developed countries to lead the technical direction of the major development, while many Chinese IT companies are also thriving, but often only bloom in the lower reaches of the OEM, ODM and even consignment in areas such as core R & D, standards the direction of development of other Chinese companies generally can not contribute much. USBPLUS interface technology marks the birth of "Made in China" has become the past tense, as national enterprises labeled "Made in China" label has been behind the scenes leading Chinese IT companies engaged in manufacturing, reached the prospects for a global IT standards. Patriot Electronics CEO

borrow the words of the song Jingdong USBPLUS significance, on the aigo's future to do a picture: "We have to do more than just launched to meet the needs of customer applications for the product, more importantly, not only To become a global industry standard-setter, but also transformed into this standard source for enterprise development, to customers around the world share the fruits of technological innovation of Chinese enterprises. with a new attitude, completion of national IT companies from the 'Made in China' to ' Created in China 'in transition! "
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Patriot Create A New Standard 6-speed Storage With The International It Giant Shadow - Patriot, U

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Patriot Create A New Standard 6-speed Storage With The International It Giant Shadow - Patriot, U

This article was published on 2010/11/11